eclec0026 | Bob Hill | Enter the Illicit Groove Mix | 14|11|16

Click the below link to hear Bob’s Mix.

Bob Hill, founder and resident DJ is a performance poet, music journalist and music lover who considers himself a citizen of the World and therefore a citizen of everywhere and his mixes reflect themes that are important to him as a world citizen and as an advocate for greater cultural exchanges.
Illicit Grooves was born in the mid-90s as an event with DJs playing music from the worldwide leftfield with jazz tinged beats, breaks, rhymes and grooves.

This mix is designed to be listened to rather than for dancing. However, the beauty of music, as with any art, is that once it is presented to be heard it is entirely in the control of the listener as to how he or she reacts to it. Rather like the theory of ‘the death of the author’ Bob Hill and Illicit Grooves believe in the ‘death of the DJ’ and welcome you to imbibe, consume, interpret and react as you see fit.

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