eclec0045 | Los Fugazzi | 25|01|17

Bernardo Barrera, Estuardo Flores | Los Fugazzi |

Los Fugazzi – Caiman (Unreleased)
The Doors – Riders On The Storm (K-Effect Edit)
Los Fugazzi – Faith (Unreleased)
Cabizbajo – Rising Man (Colossio Dub Mix) (Phisica)
Mordisco – Emerald (Pato Watson Remix) (Spa in Disco)
Mr. BC – The Written Word (Tunnyl Records)
Los Fugazzi – Hanging By (Unreleased)
Tulioxi – Etnica Xanga
Los Fugazzi – Afterglow (Unreleased)
Thomass Jackson – Social Assassin (Play Pal Music)
Juan Soto – The Effort (Modulaire Remix)
Otheo – Vértigo (Colossio Remix) (Regith)

Link for their FB page.

Soundcloud link for Los Fugazzi.

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