eclec0054 | Pablo Contraband |30|03|17.


Pablo Contraband (Disco Deviant)

Pablo Contraband has been playing House music and Techno for many years, but has met greater success over recent years, since turning his attention to Funk, Soul and Disco and implementing these styles into his sets too.

He has stuck to his guns defining himself as a DJ first and foremost with little interest in full blown production. He has a keen ear for new music and a passion for trawling vintage house and disco, often researching playlists from decades gone by looking for lost classics and hidden treasures.  This attitude has served him well with a constantly busy diary and enviable bookings regularly coming his way.

Pablo Contraband promotes his own Disco Deviant parties which have resulted in some of the best parties Brighton has seen as well taking it on the road for parties throughout the UK and Europe. Recent outings include Berlin, Oslo, London, Manchester and Tisno.
MCDE, Bicep, Greg Wilson, Andrew Weatherall, Daniel Avery, Maurice Fulton, The Reflex, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Horse Meat Disco, Black Madonna, Midland, Detroit Swindle, Man Power, Psychemagik, Norman Jay, The Revenge, Rayko, Huxley, MJ Cole, ALFOS, Rahaan and Andy Blake have all paid a visit, playing to receptive audiences at these musically astute nights.
Pablo is also the principle author for the Disco Deviant blog.

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