eclec0057 | Comète Comète | 19|04|17

“From the French city of Biarritz, the duet Comète Comète, formed by the artists Francois del Mundo and Emily Dupouy, is presented as one of the most attractive, unique and stimulating proposals within the current electronic scene as well as the heterodox one. They belong to that cast of Djs who do not stick to any specific genre and know how to navigate between different musical styles. Something shared by all legitimate music lovers, the incapacity to hierarchise genres. With a good musical arsenal behind them, they have stormed the clubs, they’ve powered through strange and mysterious lands, but it is here they’ve made their mark : combining the best of old and new, and dancing through each genre commanding your attention.”

Catch Comète Comète every thursday from 9pm to 10pm on Radio 3S, the official radio web of Solar Sound System. On the link below.

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