eclec0058 | Uj Pa Gaz | 26|04|17

This week we have Juhuu Ujpz aka Uj Pa Gaz supplying the mid week mix.. Juhuu has been has been busy producing recently on release of Tici taci‘s 39th instalment the Ep – Zepp by INAKTIVout on the 5th of May,  Juhuu make’s one half of the duo alongside Genti Aliaj.x
The 3 track EP combines trippy electronics with chiming indie guitars over three original tracks, two of which feature Genti’s unique vocal stylings. Tracks are (1) Zepp (2) Entertain Us (3) It apostrophe S. It apostrophe S, also has been remixed Stephen Mulhall & Leo Pearson aka Future Bones.. Uj Pa Gaz is also working on 2 Eps to be released later on Tiki Taci. His work doesn’t end there, he also has the opening track on Dogs & Vultures Records Ep which is to be released shortly.

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