Blank & Jones | Relax Edition 10 | Article|feature | Promotional Mix


“Love this double album by Blank & Jones. Have known these guys from the early days of Ibiza and Cafe Del Mar. My favourite tracks are Glow & My Island on the first album and Island Trip and Caliente on the second. The perfect summer soundtrack..”

Richard Bithell/Moonboots – AFICIANADO
“I like all the instrumentals on this album. Glow, Pelican Bay & especially My Island which has been licensed for my Music for Dreams comp!  I’ve got Pelican Bay playing now. It’s immense…”

Piet Blank and Jaspa Jones formed their production duo back in 1997.  A little later joined by Andy Kaufhold.  After dancing at KU in the late 80’s they went on to play trance in the ‘big room’ clubs in Ibiza at night and in the day, they played at Café Del Mar. They headlined Amnesia and Eden but were also well known for their chill out sets  at El Divino.  Blank & Jones  have been hugely important in the history of electronic music.  They were part of the beginning of trance alongside Paul Oakenfold and Tiesto.  Blank & Jones have worked with some serious players; The Cures Robert Smith, New Orders Bernard Sumner,  Sarah Mc Lachlan, The Pet Shop Boys & Boy George.  Their sound and their success have both evolved over the years where they have released 20 albums of Electronica, Ambient, Trance and Dance. Their artist albums paying tribute to the original club mixes of the 80’s bringing the listener new soundscapes of downbeat music.unnamed(3)

For the 10th Edition of the RELAX series, which started back in 2003, Blank & Jones present the soundtrack of the summer. Twenty tracks of warm acoustic sounds and subtle electronica.  William Orbits ‘Pure Shores’ has been given a delightful once over, paying tribute to this musical ideal, with Zoe Dee’s vocal making it even smoother and even more blissful. William Orbit on the other hand chose the Relax version of ‘Desire’ for his album ‘Odyssey’.  It reminded him of driving along the old stone walls, with a car full of friends on the way to a beach at sunset…

Depending on your format of choice, this well crafted selection moves from chilled right out and downbeat, to beach house, to bar grooves & beautiful Balearic beats.


Vinyl release is 21st July(10 tracks)
CD 21st July (20 tracks)
Digital is available 7th July (20 tracks).

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