eclec0078 | Rob Marsh | Rob Soul Food | 30|08|17

Well It all started for me in 82′ when I saw Herbie Hancocks Rocket and Grandmaster dxt scratching…. I couldnt believe my eyes. so then came breakdancing which we got great at and did various tours etc.

One day in 86′ a mate got me round his gaff and played me a record on his mums turntable, he said its called House Music. Adonis-No Way Back was the tune and that was it I was hooked! Acid house then came which we all embraced and I started Djing in 1991 and been playing ever since. I was on Miss Money Pennys books in the 90s and ran various nights around the east mids.

I’m now settled in Notts doing a Sunday afternoon sesh with a mate Alex, playing any thing from jazz to House to Balearic all through a beautiful tannoy condessa system.

I hope you enjoy this selection I put together for you guys…. Over to you…….

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