Label: Palms & Charms Artist: Raj Nemmah / Cave Mouth Remixer: Barnaby Bruce Title: Sin Miedo / Eat Us Up – Remixes. *****OUT NOW*****

Label: Palms & Charms
Artist: Raj Nemmah / Cave Mouth
Remixer: Barnaby Bruce
Title: Sin Miedo / Eat Us Up – Remixes
Cat. No: PACD001

Listen here…….

Hong Kong/Tokyo label Palms & Charms launches the first of an occasional series of digital-only releases (prefix PACD).

Kicking things off is a pair of remixes from label co-owner Barnaby Bruce. The first is a pulsating rework of an intense album track from the legendary composer, and synth and fusion pioneer, Raj Nemmah. Barnaby slows things down about 50% and adds drums, a hypnotic bass line, atmospheric pads and layers of ebbing and flowing percussion, in addition to a major rearrangement. The end-result builds to a scintillating, organic climax.

The second track is an invigorating remix of Eat Us Up from Devonian band Cave Mouth. The churning guitar and synth draw you in as the bass drives incessantly, and you’re reminded that reality waits for no human. Cryptic advice on how to live your life, disco-rock chug, and percussive breakdowns to lift the most weary late night dance floor.

Two driving, mid-tempo oddities, ready for your consumption and delight!

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Here’s what people are saying:

“Love Sin Miedo. Will give it an airing this weekend.”

“Excellent remixes! Sin Miedo (Barnaby Bruce remix) is my fav I think. really enjoying them both!”
– The Beat Broker (Dream Chimney)

“EAT US UP FOR ME! A right filthy discoid beast that wanders the city streets at nights…yes please! x”
– Dicky Trisco

“Wonderful stuff, really digging the Raj Nemmah rework… will certainly play this out…”
-Phil Cooper (Nu Northern Soul)

“I’ve been really getting into these, they sound great. I think the Cave Mouth one is my favourite – I’ll give them a play out this weekend!”
– Max Essa (Jansen Jardin, Is It Balearic?)

“Love ’em both but really digging “Eat us Up”!”
– Adam Warped (Whiskey Pickle Records)

“I’ll heavy play at Korea every weekend!”
-FFAN (Dub Plate/Seoul)




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