The Beat Broker “Extended Away” 12″ single on SENTRALL | Available Now.

“The Beat Broker returns with a pair of super slow burners that conjure endless summer rooftop parties in the haze of the sweltering heat. The 85bpm title track is an archetypal pacifica slow-burner — the soundtrack to your life in slow motion, when everything is right with the world, the smiles are eternal and you feel like you’re in a movie montage. On the flip, get lifted with the balmy 101bpm head-nodder ‘New Aged.’ The warmth of the melody envelops you as you bounce, laughing in the waves of the Pacific.”

Release Date: Sep 10, 2017

“The title track, a groggy, peaceful loop makes way for shimmering synthetic vistas, on the flip, cranks up the positivity with energizing and optimistic hooks.” – Amoeba San Francisco

Out on Sentrall Records 

Listen and buy here Sentrall Bandcamp Page

Also available worldwide at these fine locations



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