eclec0086 | Kyle Andries | yougoodthing|20|11|17

what is the definition of eclecticism?
kyle from yougoodthing (lo key collective)

about me – I like the simple things in life… grilled chicken, spiced rum, old Volkswagens, pretty girls and repetitive music!

about the mix – this is my interpretation of the word “eclectic”

enjoy x


Tracklist (in order of appearance)

Jack Wilkins – Red Clay
Moodymann – Radio
Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Pt. 2
Djinji Brown – Mojuba
Zev Feldman & Andy Statman – Kaleh Bazetsen
Four Tet – And They All Look Broke
Cut Chemist – The Garden
Tafi All Stars – Agbe Me Nya Wo
Four Tet – Chia
Tafi All Stars – Cantata (Sordid Sound System Dub)
Unknown Artist – Untitled Bonus Track
Dennis Mpale – Do You Like Miles
Brasil Ritmo – Cho Chua
Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Homeless
Auntie Flo – The Soniferous Garden
Chaos In The CBD – Background Explorer
Djinji Brown – Papa Marlon’s Fight
Session Victim – F.I.N.E. feat. Grand Agent
Gil Scott Heron & Jamie xx – Parents (Interlude)
Pablo Valentino – Good Ol’ Days
Diplo – Florida
Mahya A.K.A. Stone Love / DJ Mitsu The Beats, Mark De Clive-Lowe – Music Mate (Soul Mix)
Moodymann – Black Sunday
Phonte Coleman & Big Pooh / DJ Mitsu The Beats – Feelin’ Alright [We’ve Got Have It] (Agent K Remix)
Diplo – Sarah
Cortex – Chanson D’un Jour D’Hiver
Max Graef – Intro
Daft Punk – Da Funk
Awanto3 – Pregnant
Simba – Phase Seq One
Four Tet – First Thing
FaltyDL – Straight & Arrow
Soccer96 – Flight Formation (Glenn Astro Edit)
Soul 223 – Wide Open Spaces
James Blake – Footnotes

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