Q&A’s and Mix W/ The Vendetta Suite & ‘Solar Lodge 23’ EP – Hell Yeah Recordings

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So in the run up to the release of  ‘Solar Lodge 23’ by The Vendetta Suite which is  out on the 15th of December on Marco Gallerani’s Hell Yeah Recordings. We spoke with Gary Irwin the man that is Vendetta Suite. Gary took the time to answer a few questions and to supply us with a mix that shares the influences that went into the making of ‘Solar Lodge.’

So here’s the  selected tunes, samples, sounds that inspired and influenced Solar Lodge 23 and it’s truly beautiful.. This is the Demystify Me Mix by The Vendetta Suite… Click play to the mix and a have read through our chat with him.

Q1, Welcome to a Q&As with eclectics. Who is The Vendetta Suite and how did you form?
A1. The Vendetta Suite is just me, Gary Irwin. I was formed in my mother’s womb…… I’ve been recording music since the early 1990s under different guises such as CPU (Waveforms In Wonderland EP) and Synthetic Science. Three techno-ish 12 inches were released on David Holmes’ Exploding Plastic Inevitable label. I also worked as David’s studio engineer in Belfast at the time. The first release as The Vendetta Suite was on 13 Amp Records in 2002, Mercurial (lo-fi Suicide meets My Bloody Valentine rocker) and the B-side Hula Bop (Hawaiian/Joe Meek style thing). In 2012 Love’s Disguise/Saturn was released on London Balearic label Above Machine with remixes from Ray Mang and Shrinkwrap.
Q2, It’s been a while since you released anything as ‘TVS’ what have you been doing in the meantime?
A2. ‘Working for the government…..’
Q3, What’s your go to piece of kit in the studio that get the creative juices flowing and why?
A3. I think there’s an obvious dub influence to some of my music, so I’d have to say Space Echo Tape Delay, Spring Reverb and Phased effects…. All staples for dub production but they can also be useful in a krautrock, radiophonic or psychedelic disco context…oh and that bag of weed in my drawer….

The Vendetta Suite – Solar Lodge 23 EP (preview)

Q4, Favourite dance album of the last 10 years and why? (Can be a comp if you wish)
A4. Well now y’see I’m not a massive fan of albums, I prefer random individual tracks. I’m very much in agreement with the KLF’s Bill Drummond in this short video….
……but since I’m allowed a compilation album, I’d have to pick the International Feel label compilation from a few years ago. There is such a consistent quality to the label it’s good to have some of its best releases together on a handy compilation.

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 Q5, Favourite Sunday morning coffee album of the last 10 years and why? (can also be a comp if you wish)

A5. I can’t drink coffee, it upsets my irritable bowel syndrome……..see above for my views on albums. My Sundays are generally spent catching up on mixes on Mixcloud/Soundcloud or wherever….. Dr Rob always comes up with the goods, or Test Pressing and I always keep an eye out for sets by Private Agenda, you’ll always hear some Balearic gems on there that you’ve never heard before….and of course NTS Radio shows by Weatherall and Holmes are essential.
Q6, And finally, if you could have written one song what would it have been and why?
A6. Miro – Safari Of Love (1977) I’ve included it on the attached mix. It’s just such a far out track, starts out all electronic and squelchy and bubbly but then comes the strings and phased guitars…..beautiful, weird but still groovy.
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