MICHAEL IWATSU| Musical Loves & Fracture Ep out on Burnin Music 15|06|18

Michael Iwatsu is a young composer from London who’s productions of house and techno are influenced by Ahmad Jamal and Ryuichi Sakamoto through to Moodyman and LTJ Bukem.

Burnin Music had two strong EP’s last year by Ponty Mython and Leonidas +Kay Suzuki.

This third release features the British artist with some special treatment by German underground DJ & Producer Soulphiction. The original mix of the A side Fracture Original Mix, is a beautiful odyssey of beats, harmony and subtle emotion, the Piano bringing balance to the stomping house kick & drum. On the B side Fracture Soulphiction Jazzed Up Mix,  is taken to a deeper level with a condensed version of everything that makes the original track so emotional but with a Detroit twist. When it comes to deep and soulful inspired house grooves with grit, few comes close to Soulphiction.  Mastered by the one and only Atjazz

Pre-Order and Listen here.

So in the the run up to Michael’s Release with Burnin Music

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we asked him to send us 10 tracks that have inspired or influenced him and/or his music along the way..

1. Nujabes – Mystline

I got into Nujabes in my early teens. Around the same time if not a bit after I got into Pete Rock. Those two were my biggest source of inspiration during those years. Nujabes in particular because I’d never heard anything like it before. The types of samples he used and the way he flipped them was different from anything I’d heard at the time.

 2. Wiley – Igloo (Original)
This tune’s mad. Early Wiley productions had a big impact on me. Hip hop and grime were basically the only thing I listened to for a long time. I didn’t get anything with real instruments or singing. I liked grime way more than UK hip hop as well. It was the way you could easily distinguish it compared to US hip hop stuff. Not even the accents, just from the energy of the MC to the beats they’d spit over. UK hip hop’s been coming into it’s own now with influences from other genres of music though which is cool.

3. Common – Love Is…

I’ve probably listened to this album more than any other. I used to play it during car journeys to and from my piano teacher. Even though this was one of my favourite songs on it, I still don’t think I’d heard of J Dilla. Or if I had, the only thing I’d have checked would have been Donuts, which I really didn’t get at the time. I think to appreciate Donuts it definitely helps to have heard his back catalogue first.

4. J Dilla – More Secrets

I’m not sure what I can say anything about this man that hasn’t already been said. One thing that I’ve always liked about him is that he wasn’t afraid to make weird shit. Like on Dillatronic, there’s so much weird but sick stuff. His ear for sound design is something that always stands out to me.

5. Mount Kimbie – Carbonated

My brother showed me this track around the time it came out. I’ve always credited this song for getting me into electronic music properly and causing me to explore outside of hip hop and grime for the first time. I’d never heard any electronic music with chords or melodies used in that way before, or the way they used those noisy textural sounds as such a big part of the song.

6. Chic Corea – Crystal Silence

This is the style of piano that I want to be able to play. This and Bill Evans. This was actually one of the first songs I sampled. When I used to look for jazz to sample and make beats from, I would do it more so because I knew that that was what a lot of producers did, so in order to get better I thought I should do the same. I didn’t necessarily like jazz. I don’t think it was until around age 16 or 17 that I started to develop a taste for it. I really like a lot of music on ECM. There’s some stuff from John Taylor’s group Azimuth which they released that’s also incredible. I find that there’s more classical influence in a lot of ECM releases compared to a lot of other jazz which I find interesting.

7. Gigi Masin – The Word Love

This is the type of stuff I find myself listening to a lot when I want to chill nowadays. I discovered Gigi Masin first through a Nujabes sample. The sound design behind this sort of stuff is fascinating; how such subtle things can make a song sound so powerful. That’s what I’m trying to work on right now. Being more subtle.

8. Stimming – Prepare

One of my friends showed me Stimming. I love discovering people who make dance music that manages to make use of dynamic range. A lot of house and techno music neglects it. Just make everything loud. I get it though, I do it as well. I just appreciate when anyone can really bring out that more intricate side of music and still make you dance.

9. Burial & Four Tet – Nova

Another emotional piece of dance music. And another song with incredible sound design. I’ve always wondered what the main sound is. Some of my producer friends said they reckon it could’ve been some sort of prepared piano that they messed with. Whatever it is, it’s beautiful.

10. Leon Vynehall – St. Sinclair

People might think I’m way off here, but this reminds me of Dilla. Like I could throw this in amongst a set of Dilla’s more hazy beats and it be a little weird, but still work. Leon Vynehall’s a sick guy. The way he can go from straight dance floor tunes to more downtempo vibes with a shuffle like this is sick.

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