Steve Bignell | eclectics mix – 106 |

Steve started club DJ’ing in the early 90’s with a residency at Birmingham’s Breathless/What A Life nights and Full of Beans whilst also playing at other Midland venues before hanging his club headphones up to reside at Birmingham’s first late night bar “Circo” where he played 5hr sets weekly for 5/6 years, shaping the sound he is now known for.

Steve hung his headphones up proper in 2000 and after a 12 year hiatus he took to the decks once more for a one off at a popular freestyle night in Birmingham. It went down well and has been DJing regularly ever since as one half of the “Our Friends are Eclectic” collective with reputation for playing music across all genres. In addition to playing a variety of bars across Birmingham this also seen them provide DJ support a variety of This is Tmrw nights for bands such as Horsebeach, Ducktails, Cavern of Anti Matter, Ultimate Painting, Moon Duo and Cigarettes After Sex.

More recently Steve and his DJ partner in crime, Chris Bridge, took an idea they had been thinking about for a long time and put it into action, thier own take on Desert Island Discs. As a keen 6music listener, Steve really loved the listener orientated take overs and having taken part in Lauren Laverne’s “Bio-rhythms” slot where listeners get to choose 3 tracks that strike a physical, emotional and intellectual connection he had a bit of a “lightbulb moment” , wouldn’t it be good if we could recreate something in a more virtual bar type environment getting as many people involved as possible? and the Desert Island Disc idea grew a root. The idea of getting 5 or so people to choose and play their eight Desert Island Discs in a chilled out bar setting was a pipe dream for many years. Then over a few beers Steve discussed it with Chris who loved the basic concept and then put more meat to the bone, more structure and turned it into a realistic proposition. The boys wanted to stay as true to the original R4 concept as possible. They want to hear those personal eight tracks that you would take away with you. Tunes that mean a lot to you and that you can listen to over and over and over again.

So Steve and Chris decided to run it on a bi-monthly basis putting on 5 “Castaways” per session.The Castaways are always a mix of DJ’s, Non DJ’s and Artists. This is a vital component of the concept, not just limited to those who DJ. Into its eighth enstallment now, strictly a vinyl only affair, Desert Island Discs has seen the likes of Stuart Robinson, DJ Dick, Graeme Fisher, Al Macenzie, Brian Nordorf (of Electribe 101) and Richard March (Pop Will Eat Itself / Bently Rhytmn Ace) share thier 8 Desert Island Discs. Having enjoyed thier first birthday in December, they were graced with an appearnce of Ashley Beedle and thier next installment in March sees Danielle Moore from Crazy P share her treasured 8 also. The concept is well loved, going from strenght to strength and Steve and Chris are hoping to bring it to London later this year!

That’s the man behind this selection and heres an hour and a half of his choice cuts… KEEP DIGGING!!!!


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