eclectics mix – 118 | Sam Bruce (AKA Mallorquín) |

Sam Bruce (AKA Mallorquín)– DJ bio

Sam began DJing in the south-east of England in the late eighties. Moving to Hong Kong in 1997, he launched the Twist & Crawl parties along with John Minney (Betty Ford Clinic, London), offering the only Balearic/cosmic disco night in the city.

Based in Tokyo since 2010, Sam has DJ’d across the city including Aoyama Zer0 (Smelly Jelly) and guest spots at Bonobo (Lone Star, with Max Essa, Dr Rob, Ken Hidaka and DJ Gordy). In 2014 he started the HK/Tokyo-based record label Palms & Charms (, with his brother Barnaby Bruce. He produces original music under the name Mallorquín and upcoming project Canebrake. The next Palms & Charms release; Mallorquín – In The Last Place On Earth (incl. Beatbroker remix); comes out in early 2020.

1 Coming of Age (Mark Peters Remix) – Molly
2 Colori (Chris Coco Deep Space Remix) – Gallo
3 Every Day a Story – Fragile State
4 Quand – Domenique Dumont
5 Una Splendida Giornata – Vasco Rossi
6 Nafas – The Spy From Cairo
7 A La Sala – Khruangbin
8 Inside This (Leo Mas & Fabrice On Air Remix) – Coyote
9 Feel the Love – Prins Thomas
10 In Motion – Hove
11 Luck – Anna Domino
12 The Zoist – Quiroga
13 Thunderball – Enter the Brahmin

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