eclectics mix 125 | Bloody L | Souris Moi |

Psychedelic mood, swaying rhythms, Bloody L navigates through the musical richness with a distinctive sensibility. As she mixes, Bloody L, resident of the collective Abstract from Nantes, frees herself from standards and depicts landscapes from cosmic music, Balearic to ethnic influences.

Listening to Bloody L is like delving into the heart of a deep selection and dancing in a world swinging between a sweet soulful trip and loosening moves, culminating into a sincere and wholehearted mix.

Mike Richmond & Andy Laverne – Peace and happiness

Larkin – Two souls dance

Stephan Micus – Wings over xater ( part2)

Mark Barrot Mokusho

Horizont – Light of darkness

Sting – Be still my beating heart

Bill Laswell & Jah Wobble – Alsema dub

Lili Drop – T’oublier

Hatz – T’as même pas voulu

Johnny Mathis – Something to sing about

Space Cats – For ever and always

Lucio Dalla & Gianni Morandi – Dimmi Dimmi

Tullio de Piscopo – Andamento lento

Kevyn Artz – Nuit fatale (instrumental)

Etienne Daho – Week end à Rome Hervé Cristiani – Boomerang

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