eclectics mix 129 | Renata |

Renata is a London-based DJ, mostly known for her eclectic sets playing across a spectrum of genres from jazz to afro, psych to electronica. A regular at various venues including Spiritland and BBE Store along with music festivals like Houghton, Gottwood and Love International.


eclectics · eclectics Mix 129 | Renata |

Eddie Henderson – Cyclops
Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett – Mon Amour
Yu Su – Watermelon Woman
Loose Shus – Ladies
Mogwaa – YPD Nites
Mario Acquaviva – Notturno Italiano
Tony Allen – Moyege (Mark’s mix)
DJ Sotofett & Maimouna Haugen – C’est L’aventure
Chaos In The CBD – Trust Is Key
Koji Ono – Odoru
Ed Longo & Applied Arts Ensemble – Love On The Line
Mr. Fingers – Got A Good Groove Going
Max Essa – The Price You Pay ( For Loving That Way)


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