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You can listen here to the private playlist of ‘Ocio de Hoy’ by Canebrake.


Straddling styles and formats like a Balearic Colossus, Eclectics come correct once again. With ‘Ocio de Hoy’ by Canebrake, you get both a digital and vinyl release of a pitch-perfect EP that will worm its way into your ears and earn a place in your heart.

Two searing originals leading the charge while two carefully crafted remixes cover the ground left unchartered is fast becoming the M.O. for the Bournemouth-based Balearic label.
This EP, from Canebrake – Sam Bruce (AKA Mallorquin), is no exception.

“Borne Upriver” opens proceedings with bursts of bass tentatively testing the water. Once we’re ready to dive in and go with the flow, we’re rewarded with guitar licks full of crisp lines and delay that repays again and again as the pedal shows its mettle.
If you need a steer as you drift downstream, think of the Idjut Boys jamming with Pete Shelley. But with all the rough lines delicately rubbed out.

Eclectics mainstay James Bright throws caution to the wind as he finds a new tributary and sails upstream powered by disco drums and piercing acid lines. Snatches of guitar and cleverly handled melody mutations let us know that it’s the same vessel, but taken in a new, exciting direction.
The second original, “Contento de Saber”, puts us on a firmer footing as the bass goes deep to take root while an 808 snare leads the way to the dancefloor. It combines classic sounds and elemental building blocks, to create something new, yet familiar. Searing synths, persuasive percussion and laid-back guitarist side-by-side, never overwhelming, complementing rather than competing. It is, to use the parlance of the age, an absolute banger.

Another friend of the label, Joe Morris, takes up remix duties on “Contento…” and conjures up the kind of exotic, intricately patterned musical topography that has become his fingerprint – a sonic seal of quality.

If you’re looking for something to leave you rocking and reeling between the dark and the dawn, this EP has it all – music for the day and the night, the sun and the shade, the body and the soul.

For more info on Sam Bruce (plus an excellent mix) go to: https://soundcloud.com/eclectics28/eclectics-mix-118-sam-bruce-aka-mallorquin
For more on Palms and Charms, go to: https://soundcloud.com/palms-charms
For more on James Bright, go to: https://soundcloud.com/eclectics28/sets/james-bright-pacific-bright-ep
For more on Joe Morris, go to: https://joemorrismusic.bandcamp.com/
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