eclectics mix – 139 | Verdi |

Verdi (Dave Green) has been playing vinyl for almost 30 years. He started out as a club promoter/DJ in 1992 with Cultural Vibes & has managed to continue the musical journey almost non-stop since then. Recently returned to the UK after a long stint in New Zealand he currently co-owns the Hanging Gardens in Plymouth one of the best independent nightclubs in the South West.

1. Entrance – Maizena
2. Strange Worries – Maizena
3. Journey To Love – Stanley Clarke
4. Walk Like Rain – Opafire
5. Hot Sand Shuffle – Seahawks
6. Say Hello Wave Goodbye (Extended Version) – Soft Cell
7. Future Times – Hit Man
8. Love Jelly (Edit of Lonely Jelly by Moody) – Velvet Season & The Hearts If Gold
9. Honjin Satsujin Jiken – Hiroshi Takada
10. Susta (Emperor Machine Lovers Dub) – Harks & Mudd
11. Miramola – Project E
12. At Les – Carl Craig

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