eclectics mix – 141 | Morgan Edwards |

Morgan grew up in the sunny French Riviera. Guitarist and avid collector, this mélomane always searches for intriguing tones in music. Influences drawn from dreamy prog-rock, funky modern soul, rhythmic techno and ultimately the Balearic feel, make it clear that there is always a search for an astonishing and transient moment within sonic experiences, surprise over order any day. As you may witness during the London-based parties, Elevator East.


eclectics music · eclectics mix – 141 | Morgan Edwards |

Širom – Everything I Sow Is Fatal
Dieter Reith & Tender Aggression – Love And Fantasy
Man Jumping – Walk On, Bye
Roedelius – Regenmacher
Ingus Baušķenieks – Spoki
Ethnofil – Viola’s Talk
Ex Ponto – The Middle Path
Kawuku’s Sound – Nilotica’s Yard
South African Combo ‎– African Flute
Munju – Ixthuluh (Laessig und Leinwand)
Ströer Duo – Vietnam


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