eclectics mix – 149 | Midnight Groove |

Midnight Groove Bio: 

Midnight Groove is a Bristol based ‘electronic duo’…

With a shared fondness for warm, organic sounds & taking at least a year to finish one track, Midnight Groove has released through Top Pocket Records (UK) & Beats of No Nation (AUS). 

Their releases have been supported by some lovely folk, including Laurence Guy, Austin Ato, Ben Gomori, Krywald & Farrer & Jad & The, with features on Rinse FM, Turned On, Mixmag & Stamp The Wax.

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Impressions (Excerpt 1) 
Mkwaju Ensemble – Hot Air
L Hurdle & Frank Ricotti – Dank
Sopwith Camel – Orange Peel
Clarence Carter – Jennings Alley
Blo – Chant to Mother Earth 
Unknown Artist – Maria Solo (Dub Mix) 
Maajo – Darkness is Good 
Jura Soundsystem – Udaberri Blues (Dub Mix) 
Nois Land – Big Kahuna 
Andrea Benini – Maharaja 
Code – Parsifal (Ambient Dub) 

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