eclectics mix – 151 | Earl Orlog |

Earl Orlog

The passionate digger, DJ, producer and founder of Radio Orlog remains some kind of a phantom. His tracks, edits and mixes are the only genuine insight into the winding alleys of his musical multiverse:
Brutalistic low-fi loop bangers, parading a sophisticated touch of incompetence, haphazardly garnished with stolen drones and a hint of patchouli.

Music for a magical dancefloor on a nocturnal clearing full of luminescent neon golden mushrooms, wistful forest fairies, kissing lovers and unicycling halva sellers in pink uniforms.

Brain melting gallimaufry, creepy bedlam, bold schemozzle, ferocious farrago, otherwordly topsyturvydom, a mysterious kerfuffle and cunning musical hotchpotchism, crafted especially to fit the needs of particular excentric voguers and tribal dancers, aficionados of slow-motion twitching, heartbroken beachcombers and all those who now and again feel the urge to cut the rug in public transport. Grant_eclectics_Music · eclectics mix – 151 | Earl Orlog |


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