eclectics mix – 153 | Dr Rob |

Dr Rob Eclectics Mix December 2020

Born and raised in South London, Dr. Rob now resides / hides in the mountains of Japan. For over a decade, together with Max Essa, and Ken Hidaka, he’s been hosting the Lone Star parties held at Bar Bonobo, in the Harajuku district of Tokyo. The three friends recently complied the “chart topping” Oto No Wa album for Music For Dreams – the Danish label for whom Rob also produces a weekly radio show. Rob has another long-running program, The Remedy, broadcast every Thursday and Saturday evening on his local station, FM Karuizawa. Dr. Rob contributes to Electronic Sound Magazine and Faith Fanzine, and writes for, and runs, the Ban Ban Ton Ton blog.

Pra Voce Amigo – A big thank you to all my friends who continued to make and release new music in this most difficult of years….this is kind of “the best of Chocolate Milk & Brandy 2020, part one”…..

Seu Jorge & Roge – Pra Você Amigo – Night Dreamer
Jura Soundsystem – Karahi King – Isle Of Jura
LX72 – Passing Time – Lexx Music
Dan Fabrice – Yes, I`m Available – Eclectics
Gallo – Small Things (Balearic Gabba Soundsystem Remix) – Hell Yeah
Expositions – Energia Mistica – Balearic Social
Tuccinelli – Different Nature – Modern Manners
Reuben Vaun Smith – Sunshine Flute – Soundway
Pablo Color – Los Claveles 36 – Ish
My Friend Dario – Fenice – NuNorthern Soul
Kenkou – Everlasting Dreams (Calm Remix) – Hell Yeah
Reuben Vaun Smith – Under The Thunder – Soundway
Natural Hugh – Fountains – Jansen Jardin
Quiroga – Chiaia Sunset (My Friend Dario Remix) – Hell Yeah
DJ Pippi & Willie Graff – Lunares – Leng
Secret Soul Society – Sunday Brown – Paper Wave
Cantoma – Solando – Highwood Recordings
Chari Chari – Uluwatu Monkey Dance – Groovement
Steve Cobby – Shatterproof Bionic Heart – Déclassé
Okinawa Delays – Just A Little Lovin (Seahawks Remix) – Archipelago Records
Seahawks – Smooth Runnings – KPM / Be With
Greg Foat – Lament For Lamont – Strut

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