eclectics mix – 156 | Balearic Banana |

Balearic Banana is a project by 2 best buddies, who are currently living in a shared apartment in Berlin. They met at a party in Hannover 4 years ago, and started their digging journey together, expanding their taste and focus in many directions. In early corona times the idea came to their minds to start a podcast series, which focuses on their general spectrum of musical taste – the balearic sound, inviting selectors that are inspired by presenting their interpretation of the term, following the original motto “anything goes”. Since the lockdown left the 2 friends with a lot of spare time, they also sat down and started a YouTube channel, in order to share finds that weren’t available on the platform yet. Here’s BB’s selection for us enjoy x

Tracklist Eclectics mix
Pond – china stones
Longineu Parsons – Spaced Stern Combo
Meißen – der alte
J. C. Lodge – Telephone Love
Tandem – so ein typ
Spearhead ft. Stephen Marley – Rebel Music (Master mix edit)
B side – cairo
Prima Musica – Jeden Krok
Grabosky – artatlan varazslo
Deep Forest – Boheme (dreadzone Remix)
The vision – dub away Yellowman – Dub me strong
Clive steven – mystery man
El Chicano – Do you want me (Instrumental)
Haindling – achtung achtung
B. Colins & D. Manning – Version
Mattaya Clifford- turn it on
Anazulu – Cairo Trinity
Brammer- new rude boy
Sleepwalker – The Pink Zone
D.twins – foreign affair (club mix)
History ft. Q Tee – Afrika (Love and laughter mix)
Fabrizio fattori- groove acid time
Beats International ft. Lindy – Dub good to me

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