eclectics mix – 157 | Isaac Peces |

Isaac Peces is Dj & Vinyl lover based in Galicia (Spain), who has played during the last decade at festivals such as Womex, Jazzaldia or Noroeste, as well as more than a hundred clubs and venues throughout Europe (Brilliant Corners, Canvas, Le Mellotron, Berlin Cafe, Afrodisia, etc.) Former of different collective as Souldiggers, Estranhas Criaturas or Fiera del Disco, combines technique, versatility and really love for vinyl, which makes him, despite his age, a regular on the Galician and national scene.

For this Eclectic’s mix, he did an exclusive set with some diggin jewels sounds around dub, balearic, new wage, disco, tropical, synth, funk, edits & house. With one rotary mixer, 2 Technichs & one CDJ, he presents us a journey from relaxing and ethnic to purely danceable and acid cuts, enjoy!

01.MAN PARRISH – Water Sports
02.REGGAE CLINIC 65 – Caravan (dub)
03.JANAX PACHA – Amazona
04.KEN DANG – Born In Borneo (edit)
05.MJ LALLO – Gabriel’s Horn
07.REUBEN VAUN SMITH – Open Chakras
08.HOTARU – Vem Viver Pra Mim
09.JAN FEX – Drommar Haller Mig Vaken (Johan Ressle ajustement)
10.SAADA BONAIRE – You Could Be More As You Are
11.NORMA GREEN – Sweet Genius
12.PIPER – Samba Night
13.TOMORROW’S WISH – Do Your Thang
14.SIRS CUT – Love Me Right
15.SKYMARK – You Were Just Selling Dreams
16.ARSENII – Walter’s Afternoon
17.METHUSALEM – Robotism
18.LIZARDS – International Track (Max Essa remix)
19.ALEQS NOTAL – Blessing
20.LOVE CREATION – Land Of Hunger
21.BOOTS & LEGS – Hearquake ft. Monodominical

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