eclectics mix – 158 | Olly Roberts |


Olly Roberts is a London based DJ from Sunderland who started The Cosmic Dub Disco Club in lockdown as a platform to reset, create, select and share music with other like minded people.


1. Jade 4 U – Rainbows (Midnight Mix)
2. Ozo – Anambra
3. New Morning – Riddim Of Inari (Tribal Mix)
4. Quiet Force – Listen To The Music (Apiento &Tepper Mix)
5. Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club – I Never Leave You
6. Jura Soundsystem – Pyramids 
7. Made to Dance – Naples De Janeiro
8. Andi Hanley – Sylvia 
9. Nelson Of The East – On Ay
10. Tornado Wallace – Lonely Planet 
11. Leonidas – Interstellar Vibrations Feat. Kay Suzuki
12. Baz Bradley – Something In The Night (Piano Edit)

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