eclectics mix – 159 | Aleksandr L |

Digging music from early days. Moved to dancefloors later. Aleksandr L is a founder of Electric Shapes community, which provides huge amount of various mixes and podcasts supporting the scene from Vilnius and all around the world for more than 3 years. Started as a podcast series, turned into label. Last year he joined Dance in Chaos team. Right now as most of the music industry looking forward for better days.

  1. Jus Jam – Ryoji’s Dream
  2. Haircuts For Men – Лента Состоится
  3. Frog Of Earth – OY SEH UM
  4. Robsn – Autoscopy
  5. Gabriel Slick – Our Nature
  6. RAMZi – nos enfants
  7. Saphileaum – Ra
  8. DJ CIty – Space Ballad
  9. Lamellen – Horse Massage
  10. Statues – Lele
  11. SADEVILLAIN – Hold On Vaughn
  12. Preludio – Mysterious Nights
  13. Kendal – Into The Abyss
  14. Mazzo – Backseat Drive

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