eclectics mix 161 | Frinda di Lanco |

Frinda di Lanco is a Berlin based record collector, DJ and one half of Avec Plaisir Records, that she runs together with her husband to unveil and reissue forgotten jams. She is hosting her “Music From Mullets” radio show on Refuge Worldwide every other month.

Sally Oldfield Woman Of The Night
Gate Number 7 – Fly Crazy Temple – Holidays
Autumn Dust – Spend Another Day
The Chris Hinze Combination – The Popsong Of Moho
Croisille – C’est Un Air
Micky – Bruja Por Amore
Monica Törnell – En Liten Aning Om Helvetet
Renée – Reaching For The Sky
Full Moon feat. Larsen & Feiten – Standing in Line
Richard Schneider Jr. – Nightmare Feeling
Doc & Friends – Komm
Blonker – Indigo
Goun – Fille Du Soleil
Yardena – Sinai
Anna Oxa – Io No
ABBA – Eagle
Lucrethia Lips – Amapola
Nicoletta Bauce – Grande Mago

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