Tropic Nice by Sorcerer, Out Now on eclectics music. [ec0010]



Resolutions are for January, resolve is a longer-term strategy. With that in mind, Eclectics begins the year with motivation and singular purpose. Having identified a Sorcerer-shaped hole in their catalogue, they’ve done the right thing and asked the producer, aka Daniel Judd, to work his magic for their first release of 2019.

With influences ranging from 80s electro-pop to krautrock, yacht rock and all points inbetween, there’s a seamless fusion about the way Judd brings all this to bear in his music.

Don’t be fooled by the relatively sparse intro to “Tropic Nice”. As soon as the simple keys and staccato guitar start up, the whole thing begins to gather smooth and slow momentum. Guitar parts layer for melody and texture while the bass and drums begin to reveal their mission statement. All of a sudden you’re caught in the spell of music for the slow disco – songs for swinging clubbers.

The “Softest Rebound” boasts a bass sound so 1980s it could get a mortgage on its own council house if it wanted. But this isn’t pastiche, no dressing up in old clothes for a historic battle reenactment, it’s the real deal. It’s bright and shiny, with soft corners and smooth finishes

Jac the Disco takes up the reins on “Tropic Nice”, upping the pace and straightening the posture for a journey into deep and occasionally cosmic territory. An urgent drum track isn’t so insistent that it won’t make way for synth-laden, blissful breakdowns, but manages to keep feet on the floor throughout.

Neil Diablo is on remix duties for “Softest Rebound” in his new, Balearic-focused NOTI (North of the Island) guise. The lilting, delay-soaked results take the original to another place entirely – perfect for an early-hours sway around the discerning dancefloor.


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